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Connect to Create | Create to Connect


Inner Canvas Art Journeys, led by Hannah Yason, offers a unique and safe space for individuals to connect with their innate creativity through guided intuitive art processes. Hannah is an artist and qualified teacher (PGCE, MA Art Ed) with 20 years of experience in art education. She is also trained in facilitation skills and Shambhala Art, creating a sense of safety and trust for those joining her on the magical and spiritual art journeys. One of the unique aspects of Inner Canvas is the silence during the processes, allowing individuals to fully immerse themselves in the creative experience. Additionally, participants have the opportunity to work alone and collaboratively. Hannah has crafted these unique art processes, which are flexible to respond to the needs of each group. All levels are welcome, and no prior art training is necessary.

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February Classes

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"I attended the Inner Canvas workshop and was truly impressed by how this process helped create such synergy between participants, built trust quickly and really allowed for unexpected and powerful conversations to unfold. It is a process I highly recommend for intact or newly formed teams."
Elaine Rumboll Managing Director, The Creative Leadership Consultancy

"Hannah you are such a beautiful soul. The very way you hold a safe place to play made me feel safe and held. I loved being able to collaborate, pass the boards around and get my hands dirty. Absolutely loved it."
Shannon Pam: Personal, Team and Executive Coach | Keynote Speaker

"As a facilitator, Hannah manages to establish a remarkable sense of tranquility and safety, even with the process of collaborative art-making, that can so easily be an intimidating experience. With her gentle, yet clear guidance, Hannah manages to entice one to a point of playful exploration, a truly joyous space of great discovery. I left her workshop feeling so calm and inspired."
Francois Jonker: Head of Department: Cape Town Creative Academy

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