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My first creative guide was my father who is still to this day my greatest cheerleader. As a child he measured the quality of my work with a soul-o-meter. Growing up in London with a Dad who loved art, from a very young age I was exposed to a lot of art! Once I hit my teens I would gallery hop most weekends in London. From my early adult years I expanded my art experiences by travelling the world.

Having painted a colourful picture of where my journey started it would be unfair to say it was all brightly coloured. From a young age my home life was emotionally turbulent and my sensitive nature was tested. At 11 years of age I began working with a psychotherapist and started what has become a life long journey of healing. 

For me, Art has always been rooted in healing, self exploration and connecting with what lies beyond in the realms of the dark. It brings me clarity, deepens my understanding of life and most of all it has gives me peace.

My wish is to offer spaces of inner connection, contemplation and healing for others.

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